Me! I know me as me but other people call me Isiason(I-SIGH-A-SON). I’ve been blogging in one form or another for about five months now. I’m an Op-Ed writer at The Bipartisan Press, And a writer for The Teen Magazine. I’m also the host on a podcast on anchor which you can check out here: Isiason Brown’s Let’s Talk. Other than that I’m a really cool dude 🙂


I’m still experimenting with different ideas about what I will be posting on this blog. I know I want to do Self-Development, Philosophy, Personal Stories, and a bit of politics. I think I’m going to explore further into philosophy and write some more blogs about things like Idealism, and Emotional Intelligence.


The real question you should be asking here is why not? I just wanted a platform to share my writing, get personal, and hopefully make someone laugh and reflect. Hopefully simultaneously.  To see a more in depth anwser check out: Why I Started Blogging

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