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Who Am I?

Just an overthinking teen with a passion for philosophy and ideas of the intangible nature. Politics is interesting, too. Just wanted to have a platform to publicly overthink ideas for your entertainment.

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What is this blog about?

The Big Ideas


I have one ultimate goal with this blog. And that is to get you, the reader, to become more self-aware. Even if only one person reads my blog and starts to practice self-awareness, I would consider that a huge success. I just hope my sharing the philosophical practice of self-awareness I can open minds.

There are many lenses through which you can view and practice self-awareness and in this blog; I hope to look through them all. We’ll be taking a look at Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and not to mention my own personal experience, to help you become more self-aware.

I hope by tying in my own personal experience with each blog I write, you’ll be able to see the connection I made to my life; and make it to your own. Plus I have lots of hilarious, embarrassing, and emotional stories to share with you guys, so buckle up!


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